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Medication Tech Classes

Advance your Career and Get Paid More!
In order to pass out medication in the adult care, , family care home and group home setting, you must be on the Medication Aide registry for NC.
In order to be placed on the registry you must pass the NC Medication Aide exam. The Medication Aide exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions.
Program Offered
Our 1 day class provides the necessary training and knowledge needed in order to successfully pass the Medication Aide exam. No experience necessary.
Medication Tech's pass out medication in the assisted living, family care and group home setting.
Job Opportunities
Medication Techs also known as Medication Aides, or Med-techs, are highly sought after in and family care homes! 
Caregivers wanting to earn can easily obtain the necessary certifications required by the Department of Health and Human Services. 
Get paid more as a med-tech working in assisted living facilities, group homes and family care homes across North Carolina!

 Class Dates for Cary, Durham and 
High Point locations:

High Point
175 Northpoint ave ste 112 
January 2015
16th from 6pm-9pm (3 seats left)
23 from 6pm-9pm (3 seats left)
29th from 6pm-9pm (3 seats left)

3326 Guess rd. ste 203
January 2015
11th from 2pm-6pm (FULL)
18th from 1pm-5pm (3 seats left)

1135 Kildaire Farm rd ste 200
FULL through February 2015

Classes Fill Fast! 
Only 8 students taught per class. Early registration and payment advised to secure your seat in class.

Payment and Exam Information

How much is the class? 
You may pay and register below, in-person or by telephone 
Where do I get the application to take the exam once I complete the class?
We provide all forms and paperwork needed to make application for the state exam. The exam is not given at our facility. We will provide all the locations where the exam is given during your class. You will be able to pick the exam date of your choice.
How do I get placed on the Medication Aide registry?
You must take the State exam and pass. Once you pass, you will be placed on the registry. We provide all forms needed to take the state exam. You will mail the application along with a $25 money order to The Department of Health Service Regulation, located in Raleigh, in order to receive your test date.
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Once payment is made, we will send your study guide to the address on the registration form.

4 hour class
Price: $250.00
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Cary - 1135 Kildaire Farm rd ste 200
Durham - 3326 Guess rd. suite 203
High Point - 175 Northpointe Avenue
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Why train with us?
  • Experienced and certified instructors
  • Small Class Setting (only 6-8 students per instructor)
  • Hospital Training Equipment
  • Hands-on Training Practice
  • 99% PASS RATE