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1. How can you offer this "study group" when I see other CNA training classes from 6 weeks to 9 months in length? In the state of North Carolina, you can challenge the NC CNA 1 state exam up to 3 times within 2 years, whichever comes first. The state of North Carolina DOES NOT REQUIRE individuals to attend a 4-8 month program or attend "clinical rotations" in order to become certified as a Certified Nursing Assistant 1 or Medication tech. The State of North Carolina also DOES NOT require individuals to have a high school diploma or GED in order to become a CNA 1.

Brite-Sun Health Training Career Prep is NOT a university, trade school or proprietary school. We are a premier career prep center that prepares professionals to enter into the healthcare field and obtain the necessary certifications (i.e CNA, Med-tech) in order to gain employment. Our study groups covers exactly what is expected on the State exam and what to expect on the job once you become certified. We do NOT send you to nursing facilities for "clinical rotation", and we only require what the State of North Carolina requires for individuals seeking Nurse Aide and/or Medication Tech certifications.  You will receive the same exact state test as someone who spent 3 months in college and hundreds and hundreds of dollars on tuition.  Most pre-nursing students are doing it this way and love it as it saves them time for their family, job and/or school they are attending now. 

2. If I have NO EXPERIENCE can I attend the 4 day Become A CNA FAST study group? Yes. Our 4 day study group is designed for candidates without experience. 

3. Do you assist with job placement after I become certified? Yes. We assist with job placement assistance for Nurse Aide and Medication Techs. We are affiliated with several assisted living facilities, family care homes and nursing homes in the Durham  and Raleigh areas.  Click here for to be directed to our JOB LISTINGS FORUM

4. What is the cost of the test?  To re-take the test if you fail? The first time you test, the written and skills is $101.00.  If you fail the written only, to retest is $24.00  If you fail the skills only, to retest is $77.00.  If you fail both, to retest the price is  $101.00.
Got a question not answered on this page? Give us a call 919-360-2190 or email customerservice@carolinaalliedhealth.com5. Do you allow refunds?  What if I have to cancel?   We do not allow cash refunds.  All class deposits and payments are NON-refundable.  All books, DVDs and materials are NON-refundable. Due to excessive cancellations and "no call - no shows", there is only one rescheduling of class and there will be a $50.00 rescheduling fee.  If you need to cancel, you must start all over with the deposit and scheduling of a class with open space.  If you pay in full at the time of registering and do not show for your class or cancel, the same policy applies. NO EXCEPTIONS.
6. What is the website for the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry?    
7.  Do you offer CNA II training? No. A CNA II learns advanced skills, like oxygen therapy, inserting and removing Foley catheters, sterile dressing changes, colostomies, feeding tubes, etc. You must take a state approved training program.  One of the pre-requisites to take the CNA II class, is that you must be a CNA I first.  You must also have your high school diploma or GED and be 18 years of age or older to obtain the CNA II certification.  You also have to have your CPR card current.  Look at your community colleges for CNA II if that is what you want to register for.
Got a question not answered on this page? Give us a call 919-360-2190 or email 
8. I just moved to North Carolina, do I have to take the state test? Yes.
NC does not recognize any other states.  You must still take the nurse aide 1 exam to be licensed and placed on the NC nurse aide registry.  Our class is excellent for an  out-of-state CNA who must learn the NC skills and refresh on the written part.
9. What do I do if I don't have a Social Security Card? You must have a photo ID, like a drivers license and your SS card to take the NC nurse aide 1 exam.  If you do not have yours, or lost your card, apply for a free duplicate at your nearest SS office. Your Social Security card must be signed and NON-laminated.  They offer free replacements, but you have to apply for it.
10.Where are the regional state testing sites?  Click here to view the website for the testing sites and schedules. The closest regional testing locations to our area are located in Durham, Raleigh, Greensboro, Wilmington and Albemarle.  We are not a testing site.  You must schedule your test through NACES and go to a testing center to take your exam. Our students receive assistance registering for their state exam from our instructors during class or as early as a week before class starts. Students may also access our Student Portal online, 24-7 to register for their exams whenever the time suits them. Registered students, Click here to login/register for the Student Portal.
Got a question not answered on this page? Give us a call 919-360-2190 or email customerservice@carolinaalliedhealth.com11. Where can a CNA work?  In a hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility, skilled rehab center, doctor's office, private duty, hospice and home health.  Wherever you see, NA or CNA, you can work in that facility.
12  What is the average pay range for a CNA?  Depending on where you work, what shift, what days, etc.  The range is $8.50 / hour up to $13.00 / hour depending on experience, facility worked at, shift differential and weekend pay.  The average around the Durham area is $10.00/ hour. Registered Students may register/login to the Student Portal to view available jobs and employment opportunities  Med-techs who hold the Nurse Aide Certification can get paid significantly higher and vice versa. Click here to learn about the CNA + Medication Tech combo class.
13. I live in another state.  Can I take the CNA class and the NC state exam?  Yes.  Many people from South Carolina, Virginia, Florida and Georgia to attend our classes and then take the North Carolina Nurse Aide exam. We can give you the information and application to transfer your NC CNA to your state, BUT not all states allow you transfer your Nurse Aide certification. Please check your local state Nurse Aide registry for their policies and procedures regarding transferring your out of state Nurse Aide certification. This can change at any time, as states constantly change their fees, rules and process. Check out our Online Hybrid CNA Program for relocating and busy professionals.
14. How long does it take to get a CNA state exam testing date? Students can register for their exams anytime. Students also may choose their exam date and location when registering for their exam. 

15.  How long does it take to get on the NC nurse aide registry as a CNA after I pass the state exam? 1-5 business days.
16. When will I receive my textbooks and materials for class? All materials are given to students in class. However, students will receive a digital copy of their textbook and materials attached to the Welcome Letter email they received at the time of registration. There are NO assignments due prior to attending class. Although it is not necessary, students may request to pick up their textbook from our location prior to class starting if they wish by calling us. 919-890-0730 ext. 246
Got a question not answered on this page? Give us a call 919-360-2190 or email
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