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NC CNA Testing Information
Pearson VUE is the state-contracted provider of Nurse Aide I competency evaluation (testing only). The Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation Service (NACES) works with Pearson VUE to schedule and provide tests. Candidates can obtain a Nurse Aide I candidate handbook, application and test schedules in these ways:
  • By calling NACES at 1-888-282-6904
Reporting Name and Address Changes:
Nurse Aide Is must report name and address changes to the registry.  Failure to report changes may delay or prevent delivery of your renewal notice. You may report your changes in these ways:
  • By using the Name/Address Change Reporting Form (PDF, 44 KB)
  • By calling the registry - for a mailing address change only
  • By writing the registry
    • For a mailing address change, include the following:
      1. Your social security number (SSN)
      2. Your name
      3. Your new mailing address
    • For a name change, include the following:
      1. A COPY of your new, SIGNED social security card that displays the new name
      2. A COPY of the court-issued marriage certificate, divorce decree, or other legal document that clearly states (or demonstrates) the name change
      3. Your previous name, full new name, mailing address, phone number, and SSN
Note: If you are listed on the N.C. Medication Aide Registry or Geriatric Aide Registry, your changes will also appear there.
You are asked to voluntarily provide your SSN. This number is for record keeping and registry identification purposes only. Your SSN will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to the public. 
All documents submitted to the registry may be verified with the issuing source before a change occurs.
A nurse aide may renew through qualified work experience
(at least 8 hours) completed during every two years. To be "qualified", their work must be ALL of the following:
  1. For pay
  2. As a nurse aide
  3. Supervised by a registered nurse
  4. Total at least eight hours during the 24 month registry listing period
The registry mails a renewal form to nurse aides about three months in advance. The aide and supervisor must complete the form to report the work experience. Upon receipt of the qualified work verification, the registry will renew the aide’s listing. The renewal is for 24 months from the qualified work date (month) reported. Expiration dates are at the end of the month.
Renewal is the aide's responsibility. Report name and address changes promptly. Contact the registry if you do not receive your renewal application on time. You can download a Request for a Replacement Renewal Form (PDF, 36 KB) to be sent to you by mail.
Required Re-testing:
A new competency test is required if a nurse aide does not perform at least 8 hours of qualified work during any 24-month period.
This information is courtesy of the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry.